You have entered The Grotto.. A Minecraft server project created with one goal in mind: to create a truly appealing survival experience for all our community members.

Leaving the Spawn
This portion of the guide refers to the new spawn which is not yet released.

**Exit the spawn by boarding the small ship, or teleporting directly to another player. Certain teleportation commands are disabled in the spawn.**

When you log onto the server for the first time, you will appear within the spawn cave. This cave includes various features such as (but not limited to) Merchant NPCs, Community Chest, Crates, Non-Hostile Animal Pens, and an Exit Portal.
You can take your time and explore the spawn, check the Community Chest for any freebies from other players, or just go directly to the Exit Portal by boarding the small ship at the bottom of the cave.
Once you board the small ship in spawn, you will be teleported to a random location in the Survival World. The Survival World has a world-border of 15,000r, however it is expanded as necessary to make certain players are not clustered tightly together.

Protecting your Builds(a)

The Grotto uses the GriefPrevention plugin for land-claim and grief-prevention purpose.

STEP ONE: Equip yourself with a gold shovel.

STEP TWO: Imagine creating a rectangular shaped protection zone. Right click anywhere you would like the corner of this rectangle to be.

STEP THREE: Right click again at the opposite corner of this rectangle.

How to Rank Up

**You can view the perks given to each rank through the in-game /help menu.**

You are given the ability to acquire various perks, privileges, and permissions in-game through our Voting system. All you have to do is /vote in-game, or visit the Voting page on our website. Each vote counts as 1, and each rank requires a specific number of votes to unlock.

Nomad - 7 Votes
Settler - 21 Votes
Citizen - 84 Votes
Craftsman - 168 Votes
Noble - 336 Votes
Ancient - 700 Votes

  • (a) Grief Prevention guide taken from Indigo District

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